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Everyday we come across many logos of the products we see around us.

Logo designing of any brand is a creative as well as a logical process and involves many graphic designers and innovative thinkers. There are many interesting stories behind famous brands and their logos.

“ Logos are graphic extensions of company’s reality ”.

Here are some of these:

1.     Amazon

The mammoth online store relevantly goes up against the name Amazon to pass on its wide store index. This is additionally implied by the  arrow  connecting the “A” to “Z” to state that they have everything from “A” to “Z”.

The arrow also represents smile which shows customer satisfaction .


amazon logo

2.     FedEx

This  shipping gaint advertises their speed and delivery accuracy more than anyone might think, with a perfectly placed Arrow between ‘E’ and the ‘X’.


FedEx Logo


3.     Sony VAIO

VAIO is Sony’s segment  for its laptops.
The logo looks like a stylized  name but refers to turning analog waves into a digital form too.
The analog waves are represented in the ‘V’ and ‘A’. ‘I’ and ‘O’ on the other hand can also refer to 1 and 0, which are the two digits used in binary code, the digital.

Sony Vaio Logo

4.     Sun Microsystems

This  company has a ambigram, in its logo which is a typographic design that spells a word out in various directions.

The logo is designed in such a way, that no matter what direction you twist and turn it, you can still read the word “Sun”.

Sun microsystems logo


Logo of pinterest aptly represents its unique feature of pinning your favorites on a  customized board.

So a pin has been incorporated in the logo in letter  ‘P’.

Pinterest Logo 6.Cisco

Cisco is well-known for designing, manufacturing, and selling networking equipment.

Cisco manage to both convey what they do and where they are located at from the logo, its not surprising that they decide to incorporate an illustrated digital signal into it.

And the series of blue lines shows an abstract of the famous Gold Gate bridge in San Francisco.

Cisco Logo


7.Baskin Robbins

Our favourite  ice cream chain offers 31 different flavours of icecream which is incorporated in ‘B’ and ‘R’ initials in pink.

Baskin Robbins Logo


The U in the unilever logo is creatively filled with a variety of random images, but every single icon used represents an aspect of the unilever business.

For instance , a recycle icon for sustainability and lips for beauty and taste .

Unilever Logo

9. Picasa

Google’s image editing and sharing site does not only represent a camera shutter. Oh no. Its name Picasa is a word play on the concept that the site is a home for your photos. Casa in Spanish translates to house. Now do you see a house in the middle of the colorful shutters or do you see a house.

Picasa Logo

10.Hershey kisses

The distinctively shaped Hershey’s kisses are very famous and everyones’s favourite . The company has incorporated its unique shape in between ‘K’ & ‘I’.

Hershey's Kisses Logo

Now after reading these , you won’t look at these logos in the same way .

Let us help you build your brand and create  a unique logo for you.





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